Most Popular Parenting Styles

Preparing for a new born at home involves a lot of emotional thought. A couple expecting their first child may be very excited and also confused as to how to handle the newly born. Parenting is a huge responsibility and plays a vital role in the upbringing of the child therefore many researches were made […]

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BATH TIME SAFETY Bathing your toddler is one of the most memorable moments you are entitled to as a parent. It’s an interesting activity for the little infant as well as your new way to experience life being a dad or a mom. This perfect opportunity should be used to bond with your toddler, help […]

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PARENTING INFANTS AND TODDLERS-SAFETY FIRST Safety is always the first thing on your mind when it comes to parenting infants and toddlers. The thought that your little one might get hurt or injured is a nightmare for a parent. That’s why we are discussing the topic on safety issues that you can improvise in parenting […]

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TOP TODDLER PARENTING TIPS As a parent we have an arduous task of catering to the needs of our toddler. They are a lot of fun, but believe me it involves a lot of work too. The main drawback, I see as a parent is that we don’t realise the problems they are facing and […]

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How to teach safety to toddlers

Parents should try to teach safety to the toddlers for facing conditions inside the house or outdoors. This is necessary to keep the toddler or infant safe while the parents are busy with their own activities. Parenting infants and toddlers requires the necessary skills to balance the activities for them. This is to allow the […]

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