Top 3 Toddler Preschool Activities

Toddlers are very active learners and that is why it is quite easy to engage them in interesting toddler preschool activities. And to the delight of all the loving parents, there are a huge number of toddler preschool activities which are bound to delight you and your toddler alike. This article focuses on discussing on some great toddler preschool activities, which will not only creatively engage and entertain your child, but will also make your life easier.
Before we start discussing some amazing toddler preschool activities in details, it is quite important to understand that in this stage of their life, toddlers learn from almost every aspect of the world around them. This is one reason why we as parents have a huge responsibility to provide our toddlers with the right environment and toddler preschool activities, so that your toddler reaches his full potential.

Following are 3 of the all time best toddler preschool activities.

Toddler Rhymes and lullabies: This is undoubtedly one of the most favorite toddler preschool activities of many toddlers and parents. Toddlers love to listen to toddler rhymes. Not only that, they also love to sing along with their parents. You would love your toddler singing along and dancing to the tunes and rhythm of ever-green toddler rhymes and lullabies. This is why this toddler preschool activity tops the list of all toddler preschool activities.

Read a Story: Reading a story to toddler kindles his imagination and allows him to enter the world of fairy tales, and is undoubtedly one of the best toddler preschool activities. Reading a story also allows your toddler to understand that writings on the books are associated with sounds and words, which will inadvertently help in the development of his language and learning skills. Many parents limit the reading activity for night times, but it is good to know that this activity is the best way to appease the mood of a cranky toddler. This makes this activity the second in the list of top 5 toddler preschool activities.

Coloring and Art: There is a misconception among many parents that coloring is not a good toddler preschool activity. This is because they think that crayons and colors should only be given to children who are old enough to understand what drawing and coloring is. However, it is good to know that allowing a toddler to colour and draw is like giving wings to his imagination and should hence be encouraged. This is one toddler preschool activity which allows your child to expand his horizons through colors. Make sure that you don’t have high expectations from his drawing and be prepared to encourage your little artist for anything and everything he draws and colors, also ensure that you provide your toddler only with non-toxic colors. Your toddler is sure to enjoy this toddler activity as well as the encouragement given by you.

There are several other toddler preschool activities such as puzzles, building blocks, water games and fun in the sun, all of which are time-tested and incredible preschool activities for toddlers. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and enjoy these amazing toddler preschool activities with your child.

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