3 Amazing Tips on Potty Training

If a picture is equivalent to 1000 words, then it would not be an exaggeration to say that a video is equivalent to 1000 pictures. Since videos are a very lively way of expressing ideas and thoughts, I have decided to include more and more videos which would help all of you in parenting infants and toddlers.

3 Amazing Tips on Potty-Training

Potty training is undoubtedly one of the most crucial milestones in your toddler’s development. However, as with any other issue related to parenting infants and toddlers, potty-training poses many challenges and questions for the parents. When to start potty training? What is the best strategy for potty-training my toddler? And is my toddler ready for potty-training? These are some very common questions which resonate in the minds of parents of infants and toddlers. This article on potty-training is a humble attempt to help all those parents who are seeking answers for these questions.

Look for hints and indicators from your toddler

While many psychologists are of the view that the later we start potty-training, the better it is for the child, it is best to look for hints from your toddler. Some common hints which point towards the readiness of the toddler to be potty-trained are a strong exhibition of independent behavior, walking and sitting without any support from parents and family members, increased imitating behavior, and reasonable development in speech and use of words.

Getting the Toddler Interested in Potty-Training

Once you know that your toddler is ready for potty-training, your next step should be to make it fun for your toddler and yourself. Let me tell you my experience, while I was shopping with my 19 months toddler in one of the clothing store, my toddler suddenly spotted a set of underwear with pictures of superman on them. Somehow he wanted them, but since he was still on diapers that time, I told him that they were only for boys who didn’t wear diapers. I must mention here that at that point of time, potty-training was not even in my distant thoughts and I was just trying to explain a fact to my toddler. However, when my toddler told me that he wanted that underwear and would quit diapers if I bought that set for him, I knew that my toddler was ready for potty-training. With that set, I purchased a few potty-training books and DVD’s. And I must say that after that, except for a few accidents, my toddler has displayed great interest in potty-training and got trained in reasonably less time.

Remain Positive, Patient and Consistent

Parents of infants and toddlers must realize that potty-training might take time and should be prepared for initial accidents and setbacks. Ensure that you are providing your toddler with the positive reinforcement and thrust. Appreciate the efforts of the toddler, as it will make your toddler more comfortable with the entire process and will also encourage him to improve his toilet skills.

There are many other aspects which play a major part in potty-training, but the above three are indispensable.

Here are some videos which are related to potty-training and are sure to give your toddler and you a hilarious time. HAVE FUN!


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